Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pwnage from the throne!

Yesterday I played a few hands of NL10, again did'nt go too well. People just are not spewing enough, it blows my mind that NL10 is as tough as a remember NL50 being maybe a year or so ago. The online poker scene really really does need another boom. I guess there are a few hopeful things in the pipeline such as the return of the USA and even talks of Zynga Poker, which has millions of casual facebook donks playing, thinking of taking the real money poker route. You can read about there HERE. I guarantee ever poker player wants that to happen!

Over the years the decline has been incredibly sad to see. Countries, one after another, either being banned or being ring-fenced off from player against players in other countries. Especially annoying is the fact that France, Italy and maybe now Spain being ring-fenced off when there is supposedly a "free trade" agreement accross the whole of Europe. That just takes the piss IMO. We, as the United Kingdom, get our arse reamed by the majority of the EU, but every other country interprets the rules to suit them however they please.

Goverments should keep their nose out, unless it's to actually protect the interest of their citizens and not the interest of their coffers. All every online poker player wants is a safe, regulated and level playing field on which to enjoy the game and also have the ability to decide who we play against. Crying shame IMO that politics killed the game I used to love.

Anyways, pokertsras launched their new App for android and it's awesome. Last night I was taking a dump and played 3 hyper turbo's ($7). Won two and got a 2nd! Can;t beat making money whilst having a crap, not thats the life :)

As for the bankroll.... currently stands at ~$170. It went down with the cash sessions, but recovered with the success in the Hyper turbs.


  1. Why the fuck does this post not have the title -'THRONAGE'?

  2. Unfortunately my brain wasn't on the 3rd level like yours mate! I was too happy at making money on the shithouse :o)