Saturday, 18 February 2012

mini venture back to 6-max cash

Hasn't gone very well. I am definately out of practice and playing a little bit too aggressive. I have been a bit unlucky in the overall, but it's only a tiny sample size.

The biggest shock when checking my stats is how much I am losing from the button. Now looking through some of the hands I am not massively concerned because I have hit a few bad beat and coolers, including a flopped set that we got in and he hit a set with his over pair on the turn, plus KK not being good enough vs TT.. etc etc.

I'll post up my stats from the small sample and would appreciate if anyone could point out any obv leaks.

Positional Stats:

All in EV Graph:

Showdown Graph:

Still very suprising how many decent players there seem to be who can play an aggro style well. I still feel like I am making too many mistakes post flop, especially trying to barrell hands when I have 3-bet light from the button. I'll get the wing of it.

I am still planning to mix this and SnG's, just to enjoy both really. I don't want to limit myself to grinding just one thing and then lose motviation to play again.

On a seperate note I have set up a new poker club for the forum:

- Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab

- Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button

- Enter my Club ID number: 604280

- Enter my Invitation Code: rtrpoker

I am planning on starting up a weekly game for the forum again, including bloggers. Most likely on a Sunday evening and we'll have a little season to see how it goes.

I am also planning on representing the North West in the APAT National Online League. Details here: Anyone can play and now it's on Stars I expect they will get a much better reception.

laters feeeeesh


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