Thursday, 1 March 2012


I has a few :)

When it comes to poker though, I think I made too many withdrawals, to be fair real life stuff often took over, like holidays, Xmas etc, but now it leaves a bit of a sour taste.

I also wasted too much on the nags, that was a big downfall too.

My bankroll is mega depleted and I just cannot find the motivation to grind through the small stuff. The reward just doesn't feel justified for the effort. I admire those micro stake grinders who can grind thousands and thousands of hands/ sit n Go's because doing it to even the variance out and to try and build a roll is not only soul destroying, but also incredibly tedious and slow.

I do want to play, but I don;t particulalry want to have to "grind" my bollocks off for a 3% ROI, etc.

The games are very tough these days and the players pools are mega-depleted. Problem for me is I remember the good days, when the tables were full of idiots. When you could sit down, play tight and always make money, but these days playing like that doesn;t really get you far, especially at cash.

Such a shame all the governments started stepping in.

I really really pray for another poker boom.

Please poker gods, one time, do it!



  1. ha ha ha I only tune in for your drawings lol
    oh and applied to join your club, so get ya finga out !!

  2. Hey Mik,
    Love the Regret Star Wars Shot. Don't let the game get to you. There are still plenty of poor players around. I play a lot of sit n gos and honestly this is true. Sure it is tougher now. You just have to work harder on your game than the next guy at the same level. I am enjoying your blog.

    Enjoy the game and good luck.