Monday, 19 March 2012


Ok, I have to admit it, Zoom is great! It's the replice of Rush poker, except the player pools are fkin huge!

2000 players in the Nl10 games last night, I was highlighting the blind 3-bettors and out of about 20 or so I highlighted I think I only re-sat with one of them. This is really gonna fuck up the multi-tabling HUD botters (inc me) because it's gonna take years to collate info about most players and lets be honest thats the best thing for the game IMO.

Keep this zoom simple, allow the hands to be imported for results and for reviewing your own play and stats etc, but don't allow HUD's to be used at the tables because:

1. It will slow the games down whilst people wait for the HUD to catch up.

2. It keeps it on a level playing field for the fish.

Remember this is coming from someone who has used a HUD for a long time. Just for once, in online poker, I'd like them to keep it a level playing field.

So I have played a little bit, just to test the waters and I have to admit it is good fun. I was just one tabling last night along with playing the APAT National League game and finished up around 3.5 buyins up, despite a sick beat vs a moron, but lets be honest it was nice to see people stacking off with A8 on a 668 board vs my QQ. (8 on turn).

As for the APAT game I played alongside.... disaster. I gave some of the players too much credit. I basically lost a majority of my chips on a 7h8h3s board, when I had opened in LP with 9h10h. Guy in BB flatted. He check-called flop bet. Turn was 10c. He checked again, so I bet almost pot. He flatted again. River was Qc. He checked and I decided not to fire the third bullet as that river didn;t change much and my hand had a little showdown value, plus it didn't seem like he was folding whatever he had.

He turned over Qh 6h.. what??? horrible wanker got a majority of my stack. Fucking river saved his stupid ass. I just tilted after that limp-shoved 88 from UTG with about 14BB's and ran straight into JJ. gash.

I'll prolly play again for the next couple of weeks, but I am gonna have to adapt my game for it I think as playing my loose style doesn't seem to be working right now. I do prefer the new structure though as it's more like a turbo.

Righty, off to do some matched betting, maybe a little Zooming and some Battlefield 3.



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