Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Still toying

..With the idea of coming back to the tables, just haven;t made the jump yet. I keep getting inspired by Kenn and co posting up their MTT Successes on the forum, but then when I come to actually play something either crops up or I haven't got the motivation to fire up a load of tables and plough on.

The matched betting has slowed down as the number of UK/Euro sites I have left to do the sing-ups for reduces. Instead I spend more and more time trading on Betfair on Tennis, Basketball and football mainly and to be honest as of this last week my results have been mixed. I started off well and then a few things went against me including one tennis match where I lumped on the favourite, with the intention of trading out when his price moved in, but it went completely pear-shaped and he got beat by a fucking nobody. That cost me quite a bit.

TBH I don;t fully know what I am doing, I am just pissing about following my instincts. One of my favourites is to look for games that are a draw with about 60 mins gone. Back the draw and at that point the price usually starts moving in pretty quickly, so hold your nerve for 10 mins or so and then trade back out for a small profit and thats the one where I ahve made most of my coin so far. Obviously sometimes one team scores and it fucks you up a bit, but you still have the ability to trade out for a small loss.

Think I am gonna focus on finding new sign-up bonuses again this weekend as they are guaranteed easy money. I know are doing an €80 one and I might have a look at a couple others.

Right oh off now




  1. Tables do seem much easier post black Friday.

  2. Mik mate get back to rush play pre black friday was swingy as hell but since then i think ive lost like 2 out of twenty sessions, my sample size is very low but i can tell its softer, todays session i got two stacks off people with top pair shit kicker and its at full ring - this never used to happen!!