Tuesday, 27 October 2009


..back down to earth!!

Last few days poker has not been very nice.

Had a long MTT session, where I played about 8 MTT's on stars and only managed two mini cashes. As usual ran like a dog. Also think playing so much cash is really affectingmy MTT game. I am starting to get a little too loose. I had a couple of really decent stacks, but because I was deep I opnened up my game a little too much and paid for it tbh. I relly feel my MTT game has gone to rat shit recently. I might start having to work on it again tbh, as I usually like them. I have just never managed to bink a win in an MTT with over 1k players. Maybe that should be a target for 2010!

I also played teh APAT live game this weekend, where once again I was really unlucky. I got a double up early on when I made a good river call against a guy I thought was bluffing a high percentage of the time, plus he made a similar big bet earlier on a bluff and showed it. So I called with my over pair to the board and stacked him. I maintained it well for a while, then I lost most of the stack on a JQ7 board when I had the set of 7's. I bet as hard as I could but he couldn;t fold his draw. He got there on the river and made a small value bet, to which I made the crying call. Sigh.

I then worked hard with a few steals and plays to make my way back upto 20k.

I finally nearly lost all my chips on this hand...

UTG+1 a bad player makes a 4 x BB raise. I flat inLP,which I had done quite a few times vs him. A lass in the BB, who I thought was pretty good (she was to be fair) then makes a squeeze, just over min raise of the initial bettor. He takes a while and then calls. I now see my chance with my pocket tens, realise there is a lot of dead money in the pot and so I move over the top all in. By now she has bet 3.6k of here 15k stack. She sits there and tells me she has to call as she is committed. She does and flips over 99! weeeeee. Plus blinds and antes its almost a 40k pot at the time when the avg was about 18k. Ofc a 9 hits the flop and my stack is fucked. F M L. That really suckedfor me.

I am then left with less than 10 BB's when the level moves up and I make a few shoves.No calls. I move to another table, where a weak player from my previous table is on the BB with about 8 BB's. So I shove from MP with 78s and he decides to look me up for his stack with K6o.. wtf? As usual I flop an 8, but the river brings his King. So pathetic.

A big well done to Kronsdat though, whowenton to take 2nd spot for 2.2k! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Nice guy, well deserved IMO.

Last night I played a little cash and my horrific luck continued. I took a shot at NL100. With about 10 hands I had lost two stacks. One when I flopped a set of 3's on a 347 board. He bet flop hard, I moved in and he insta calls with 55???? turn is a 9 anmd river and god-damned-fucking 8 for his straight.

2 hands later, he opens UTG and I three bet him on the button with KK. Board comes down fairly raggy with two diamonds. He check raisesmesoI shove it in. He flopped a fucking set. arghhhhh FUCK OFF!!!

I then did the worst thing ever and the gambler in me came out. I opened roulette and proceeded to spew off another $200. I am such a dickhead sometimes. Fucking pathetic if I am honest.meh.

I think I need to do a bit poker trainig and re-adjusting the next few nights. Don't want that crap again.

ok cheers for reading



  1. Hi Mik, is RTR down again?
    Unlucky in the APAT, how did No Cash do?

  2. You should play mtts with smaller fields imo. Playing redic field tournays only crushes ur confidence because the varience is much higher. I dont like playing mtt's with anymore than 400 runners max. I prefer 150-200 runner tourns. gl fish

  3. Yeah probably a good shout SJ. Might try a few on other skins this weekend for a change. Stars touirneys are just too big tbh.

    Rubbish- yeah mate, we are moving servers and have redesigned the site! We are told it will be down 24-48 hours. LOooking forward to the new launch!