Thursday, 15 October 2009

We can all dream

These night shifts are quite tough. I basically sleep and work with no time for fuckall else. By the time you add travelling on its heading for 14 hour nights. Setting off at like 6.40pm and not landing back till like 8.30am, then getting to bed after seeing the little un about 9ish. Then up at 5pm, shower, shave, have some breakky, see lad and mrs, then its back off to work... man fuck the rat race!!!

I sometimes dream of moving to a sunnier climate and playing poker for a living. I mean that would be perfect, but in reality nothing is as easy as that. Once the pressure is on you to HAVE to make money just to pay the bills I can imagine poker becoming a chore rather than something I enjoy and make a little extra cash from. I can;t imagine how much more the bad beats would destroy me if it meant hitting my target for that week to pay the rent/mortgage w/e.

Also, its about your own ability. I know I do ok now and beat the game, but could I sustain that to make a good living from it? I don;t think I am good enough tbh. I doubt there are many pro's who make their living from less than NL100. Poker is so tough now compared to pre UIGEA, there is just no where near as much dead money to be made.

I know it would be nice and I dream of the life of a pro..., but I always remember this: the grass is not always greener on the other side.

I have a well paid job in a sector that tbh is doing pretty badly. I know how lucky I am and my company is doing really well. We get regular payrises, decent pensions, sick pay, holiday pay and share benfits. I mean it would simply be too much to ever walk away from.

It's still nice to always have that dream though, of just leaving the rat race, cut out the long shifts and make a fortune playing poker.

Unfortunately, for me personally, I doubt it could ever become a reality.
Dreams are what keep us going. It never hurts to have them.




  1. Feeling you brother!!!

    I have these thoughts very very regularly. It would be so good to do a Pab and travel the world and just "work" for a few hours when it takes your fancy. I know it isn't as simple as that but I think some of the geezers out there are seriously lucky and should count there blessings, they are so talented and disaplined.

  2. Mik, I believe that dreams are necessary for people to be happy. How happy would you be if you had everything were you dreamt of?

    Very interested in the vids. Made 11$ in the first set of 100. A disgrace!
    Will give it another try for 100 more. If still nog good enough I will have to move to the 9 seater. Bugger.

  3. drem,

    PM me on RTR and I will sort you out the stuff.