Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Burn baby Burn!

A positive post coming up!! weeeeeeee

All things considrered, its going well!

On stars I am turning profit again in the 16's. finally my hands are starting to hold and I am even getting the odd suckout!! :-). Not played too many, just playing the odd set of 6 here and there, until the confidence returns, but made a nice little profit of about $250 over about 18 games. Finally a mini heater. Also avoiding playing these in the evenings when they full of the American regs. No point reducing my EV to next to nothing when 8 of the 18 are good regs! Ill stick to playing the SpuEroDonks thanyou :-)

On iPoker, I am doing decently in the Multi-table SnG's. Some of them are a bit of a crapshoot, but overall these are supersoft and I think so far, I have turned a profit in every single session except one. It's just a shame they don't run as often. They can take a little while to fill, but when you see the players that enter, especially the French (hehe) they are well worth the wait!

On the cash side of things, I have won another 2 buy-ins. Game selection remains the single most important thing here as there are a ton of Regular grinders in these who are obviously just whoring the rakeback to shyte, but you can see their tables from a mile away with like 40% of players seeing flops. Where as I only play tables with 52%+ and you can guarantee these tables always contain a fish or two. my only worry is that the site is on Microgaming, and I don;t trust those fuckers as far as I could throw them.I suppose it's a risk i need to take to play the soft games.

Another sweet thng, for all us British players, is that the GBP is getting weaker vs the USD. meaning our poker monies is becoming more and more valuable. Read it on the forum.

Well I hope it continues like this and I hope you are running good.



  1. what are the best multi-tarb sngs on i-pokes mate? I play similar stakes to you, been playing $12 45s lately, and the odd $16 18manners on stars

  2. Good to see you with a smile on your face pal... but I definitely preferred the picture from Sunday's post!

  3. all of em mate. They are all soft as shyte. I only play the $10+ ones, but they are super soft.

    Boylaz...hahahhaa I agree mate! Just thought it would be something nice for the nerds to look at ;o)

    You have a blog boylaz?

  4. No, I don't have a blog. Not a poker blog anyway!

    I'm just getting into poker as a hobby really so I'm just reading around as much as I can at the moment, seeing what tips I can pick up...

  5. on ipoker i cant seem to get a session on Multi-table SnG's? what time do you go on? im in europe as well so when are the French on??!