Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mainly Cash

TBH, not been playing that much last couple of days. Just not found any juicy enough games running, but when I have, I have sat and played. Doing quite well actually and continuously building the roll.

Had an interesting night last night when myself, Gorvacofin, richeh, GregSearston, Snake_eys and Cogs organised a 6-max sweat session, with Cogsgoigne being the chosen player. TBH it was a little dis-organised and crazy at times with everyone speaking and Cogs, finding it impossible to get a str8 answer for his plays!

I think next time one person plays, the rest spectate and highlights hands for discussion afterwards, it will be a ton easier. I am really into the 6-max now and although there are still a few leaks it was good to hear from more seasoned players, that I wasn;t making too many mistakes and maximising value in most spots, which is obv essential for cash games.

I played a couple of SnG's on Stars, but my hands failed to hold again and the usual shit tbh. There is one player who is a reg, Jcar59 or something and I swear that guy wins almost every fucking showdown. Not just vs me, but vs everyone. it was pretty crazy to watch him at most of my tables, just sucking out and always holding. I wish i ran that good. In my final game I got it in against him with KT to his QT, but ofc he turned a str8 and I bustoed. I noticed this about him previously though, he is just genuinely very lucky. Don;t get me wrong he is very good too, but fuck me, I wanna run that hot, just for one week and I'd be happy!

Think I'm bitter? Lol. course I am!!!

hardly played any SnG's on iPoker because i just haven;t had the inclination to play. I might even have an MTT session tonight, who knows!!

Anyways, why not have a sexy lady on today's post?


  1. Doing the £40 t/c next week as well so give us a shout!

  2. Good luck for the weekend Mik. Stop posting pics of my Missus.