Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Weekend - Live Poker FTW

So this weekend is the English Poker Championships, run by APAT. These tournaments are normally very well organised and run, so I am looking forward to it a lot. The only issue is that it coincides with my back-to-back weekend at work. So I'll be working Wed, Thurs, Friday Mon, Tues + Wednesday night (I booked Sunday off!)

The tournament starts at 2.30pm, so with about a 50-60 min drive ahead I am hoping to get away for about three-ish and get there around 4. Missing the first two levels, but its either that or I turn up completely fucked and probably play like a tard. I have no choice really I have to work Friday night as I have hardly any holidays left! I also gotta at least spend an hour with the Mrs and Lad before I go. I can;t imagine the earache if I just got up and fucked off after hardly seeing them for the last three days.

I have played APAT tourneys before (online and live) and the standard is pretty good to be fair. These all tend to be players with an interest in the game further than just a casual donk. The Tourney is 10k starting stacks and 45 min levels. Should make for plenty of play and hopefully I can stepup where I got unlucky in Nottingham.

Looking forward to meeting back up with No Cash, Snakey, Ant and looking forward to meeting Kronsdat for the first time. Should be fun. Just hope I didn;t book Sunday night off work for nothing!!!!

Also noticed NoCash mentioned a regular £40 TC at the Blackpool Grosvenor, which runs every Thursday night. Figure I'll prolly treat mysel;f to that too next week after the B-2-B. Anyone who fancies it is welcome to meet us there.

Ok, time to make our eyes smile again:

Quick Joke:

A man comes home from work, only to find his wife packing her suitcase.
"What you doing then?" he asks her. "I am off to Vegas" she replies. "Oh yeah and why's that?" asks the man. " In Vegas they are paying $200 an hour for what I am giving you for absolutely nothing" she retorts.
The man looks at her for one second and says "wait there". He rushes off upstairs. After some bumping and banging, she looks up and see's him coming downstairs with his suitcase packed.
"where the hell are you going?" she asks.

"Well" he says " I am coming with you. I can't fucking wait to see how you live of $400 a year!!".


  1. gl mate.
    those breasts are amazing!

  2. LUUUUUUUURVE Ms Brook, shes so hot right now! . . . (Name the film)
    I'm 100% playing the 29th, £40 at the G mate, looking forward to it. You get a nice buffet at the break to.

  3. Yeah mate, whats the new widget code thingy?