Tuesday, 1 September 2009

back to cash

after sng's fucked with my head, I decided to move back to the cash arena. re-deposited onto everest and hit the tables last night, but only for about 40 mins.

I found a table with a total spaz on, who eventually just could not fold his JT on a AT388 board and I had AK. To be fair I checked the flop and called his pissy bet. when I shoved over him on the river he snapped called and I win a nice pot.

Ended up booking a $64 win, which felt good after all those sng losses.

anyways off to cyprus first thng in the morning so won't be around for a week or so.

also I am prtty sure now that the forum is being sabotaged and its starting to fuck me off. I have my suspicions of who it is and if it is him and I find out it will be trouble for the fucker I promise. anyways I have been trying to get our IT guy onto it to get it sorted so hopefully it won't be down for long




  1. I've been trying to log on for a few days now with no luck. Have a great holiday and I'll catch you when you get back.

  2. If it's being sabotaged then that's a bit naughty. If I'm thinking who your are on about, I can't see him doing it myself but don't know the ins and outs

  3. Have a good holiday Mik.Not sure if you have been to Cyprus before,if you havnt id recommend the old fishing port in Pathos for a visit . Oldy Worldy charm,good views & nice tavernas!
    Hope the site gets sorted,2nd time in a little while its gone down.....if your hunch is right & it is sabotage then its the work of a complete bell end! Take it easy fella & glgl.


  4. have a good hols 8. BTW, standard 45 man variance, been on the wrong end of it myself today, but got out of a hole....volume volume volume baby !!!


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  6. your hosting company shoul dbe bale to tell you the IP address of the individual making the changes causing the site to go down.

    Also I would consider switching hosting companies as someone obviously has your hosting account PW or has the ability to gain access otherwise.

    Check out www.siteground.com

  7. cheers guys.

    A quik post from Cyprus.

    Ace, I will contact the hosting company.

    Also might need your help here. Could you drop me a mail to burnleymik@raisetheriver.com

    cheers guys.

    btw Cyprus is hot and beautiful! weeeeeeeeee



  8. cypress, good memories ....
    as for the hand, i'd have worried about the paired board .... but hey, thats 08 for ya, he he he he
    ps "dodging 42 outs" should point to http://ddmcm.wordpress.com/ if you dont mind doing some maintenance, please !!

  9. ps thanks for the "africa" joke, bastard !!