Wednesday, 16 September 2009

SnG Madness

still hitting up the Multi table SnG's on iPoker. Been breaking even over the last 40 or so, not too bad tbh, but the standard is truly shocking, which is a big positive IMO, especially when you see the standard of these types of games on stars and full tilt, so I am going to keep plugging away for now.

Only big downfall is most tables I can get running is like 9 if I relly push it, because they STILL havent sorte their software so the table with the action on pops to the front. You;d think that would be one of their main priorities for making money from multi-table grinders... doh.

Finally finished my shifts at work, whcih were paticularly gruesome as I have been ill, with fucking tonsilitis and to cap it off it was my birthday. he days felt longer than ever and I was as miserable as fuck. Could have happily just stayed in bed, probably all day and slept this shit off.

Anways, with a family and bills to pay, thats just not possible. You just gotta plough on with it. Such is life. Always looking forward to the weekend.

My little lad has taken his first steps unaided, which was so awesome to see. He's still as wobbly as fuck, but I can;t see it being long now before he is properly on his way and we are running round like loonies trying to keep up with the little whirlwind!

So all in all life is still good right now.

Hope you are all the same



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