Sunday, 30 August 2009



Just played a set on Full tilt and the bad luck carried on.

AA cracked by AQs. Flop was QQx

KK cracked by A8, A on river.

AQs into AK.

88 vs AQ - He makes quads.

and more of this standard bullshit.

I am so fucking angry right now. Seriously. Its fucking ridiculous. How can the bad run continue across sites?

I must be at least $600 down total now in less than a week at SnG's. I used to crush SnG's easily and according to SnG Wiz, i am making the right moves most of the time, which is all I can do.

WTF is wrong with this bullshit?

fuck SnG's. I am going back to 6-max cash. At least the donkey wankers suckout on me there I can reload with a chance to get it back. In these sng's these donkey wankers suckout and just watch as i hit the rail and waste all the efforts I have put in so far.



  1. they take the piss. it seems harder to cash in these things than full scale MTT's the beats are just ridiculous

  2. lol, sounds like one of my posts. Hope things improve fish

  3. Everytime I have AA I know I'm going to lose. Sick.

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