Wednesday, 26 August 2009

weekends poker

Played a little this weekend, but no major sessions.

played some 45 player sng's on both stars and full tilt and although I started out well I think I finished break even after about 30 games combined.

I withdrew some of my cash on microgaming because it turns out eurolinx was supposedly investing players money. So I emailed my microgaming skin asking for assurances that they hold all players funds seperate from the business completely and that my money Is guaranteed if I leave it with them. I emailed support on Sunday, who told me it had been passed to management. If I have no response by Friday I will just remove my cash to be safe. I am not prepared to take daft risks with my bankroll. Its a shame because I have a great rakeback deal there and the play is soft. I'll probably just move it back to everest fr a bit.

also had a few MTT's thrown in too this weekend, but to no avail. got fairly deep in 2 of them (outta 3) but donked out when it mattered.

well that's about all fo now. this time next week, I'll be sunning it up in cyprus!!! weeeee

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