Friday, 28 August 2009


thinking of having a decent crack at these for a short while, for a change of scenery.

I just can't decide whether to hit them up on full tilt or stars. both have their good and bad points.

- played a few on stars Tuesday and Wednesday night, with no real success or great loss. I know the variance is high and I am just gonna have to handle it.

I am playing on not playing huge amonts, maybe a 100 or so a week for a couple of weeks to see where I am at.

At the moment I think I am favouring stars, but I might give each one a week and see where I am.

anyways, have I mentioned I am on holiday Wednesday? hehehe.

as the great William Sprague said "Do not wait to strike 'till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking"


  1. Full tilt have a decent bonus scheme in September if you're two tabling Mik.

  2. I nirmally 8-12 table tilt. Have you got any details mate?