Thursday, 6 August 2009

Training Vid

Couldn;t get motivated to play tonight after my bad sesh last night, so decided to watch a grindershool video on 3-betting and see if I am missing anything and try and get more info on good spots to 3-bet light. Pretty good video by a guy called SugarNut.

Picked a few good tips and probably need to watch his next video on getting 3-bet to make the most of it. I am already pretty decent at picking 3-bet spots, but I think sometimes I am loing equity by picking the wrong types of hand to do it with against specific type of opponents ranges, especially TAGs, where I am 3-betting them too much with suited connectors, when in reality, I'd be better off doing it with suited aces etc. Suprising that I'd be losing like 15% equity whenever I made a move with a hand like 54s instead of A7s. I need to keep watching these vids regularly rather than just playing all the time.

On the forums, there has been talk of introducing a SnG Syndicate, which I like the idea of. A few decent players in that and we could do pretty well. Especially if we could pick up Amatay and Kenn into the syndicate. it wouldn;t be heavy, maybe like 3 games per week or something for 5 weeks. Meaning each player will have played 15 SnG's (thinking possibly the 180's/90's/45's). We get ten syndicate members and thats 150 SnG's. Worth a try IMO.

Also trying to work out formula for the games to send someone to Amsterdam to the Masters of Poker tournament. Bit of a split camp on the game and points formula. Hopefully should get that ironed out pretty soon.

ok, enough for now. Early start again tomorrow for the last day of my shifts befor the weekend. That said the weather is supposed to be hot, so I have a shit load of DIY jobs I gotta do...ffs!! I know I hate the rain, but at least it's allowed me to put off doing some groundwork in the garden, now this weekend I'll have to get stuck in and the next couple of weekends we are busy anyways, so thats really gonna fuck up my poker!!! No rest for the wicked....

good luck



  1. HALLO! I'd be up the syndicate mate if ya want. Need to know the stakes and the site(s) as my bankroll is limited. I play the 30 manners on cake from time to time and do ok in them but nowhere near enough to know if im a winner.

    sharkscope knockoffneil Cake

  2. yeah of course mate. Probably do a range of stakes to suit most players. Keep your eye on the forum, should start getting things set up soon

  3. Thought you had aleady done this Mik?

    Is the last Paris game this weekend?

  4. hey mate id enjoy something like that, not doing to bad on FT at the mo under the screen name givemerockets