Saturday, 29 August 2009


ok, I wanna see if I run as bad as I feel I am doing. So i am going to note every all in I have tonight in the 45's on Stars.


L = Lost the Hand
W = won the Hand
U = Underdog when it went in
A = Ahead when it went it.
R = Race

At vs A6 - (L, A)

66 vs JTs - flops 2 pair (L, R)

Aq vs 77 - no help (L, R)

short blasted T8s in AA (L,U)

TT into KK (L, U)

win a race with A7 vs 66 (W, R)

AT vs K6o (L, A)

won race with AJ vs 66 (W, R)

lost QQ into KK (L, U)

JJ into KK (L, U)

won AA vs JJ (W, A)

short moved 44 into AT and JJ (L, U)

BVB shoved A9s JQo calls and wins (L, A)

JJ into QQ (L, U)

K8 vs 66 - i hit a K (W, R)

A8 vs TT - I hit A (W, U)

A8 vs KJ - he hits J (L, A)

AK vs AJ - I hold (W, A)

33 vs KQ - he makes boat (L, R)

44 into QQ (L, U)

TT vs AT - he flops A (L, A)

A4 vs QK - I hold (W,A)

JJ vs AK - i hold (W, R)

ATs into AJo - he holds (L, U)

99 into KK - (L, U)

TT into JJ (L, U)

mega short Q4 into AK (L, U)

AJ vs 83o - I hit my ace (W, A)

AK vs QQ - I hit the flush ( W, R)

shove 79s and AJs calls and flops an ace. (L, U)

my A3o vs K4 - he rivers a fkin 4 (L, A)

Aj vs TT - I flop jack, but he rivers str8 (L, R)

A6o vs KT -first card is a 10 (L, A)

Shove Q8o and BB has QK - Q on flop (L, U)

Shove 89s into 99, but make str8 (W, U)

9Ts vs 22 - 22 holds... (L, R)

pushed TQ into AQ (L, U)

So A quick Summary:

37 All In situations -

Lost When Ahead = 7 times.

Won When Ahead = 4 times

Races Won = 5

Lost races = 5

Won when Behind = 2

Lost When Behind = 14

Ran pair into biger pair = 6 times


When getting it in ahead I lost 63% of the time.

I actually ran true in the races winning and 50% of them.

When I got it in behind I won 12.5% of the time.

Out of the 37 all ins, I ran a pair into an over pair 6 times, which seems a lot.

I also never managed to cash in a single fucking one of them. it was so annoying to lose so often when getting it in ahead, but actually sucking out so few times myself.

I didn;t actually run as bad as i felt I did at the time, but i still feel I am running below EV.

oh well. Stars RNG can FUCK OFF. I am gonna ship my funds to stars for a while. Running like this for two nights in a row, mean i am over $300, in $12 games. haha. TBH, i don;t feel I am making too many mistakes and after looking over SnG Wiz, I am pretty happy that there are not all that many errors.


hope you run good.

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