Sunday, 9 August 2009

Enjoying the sunshine.

Still haven;t been in the mood for cash, so stayed away. The weather was nice so yesterday we had a few friends round for a BBQ and 'few' Unfortunately the Oozo came out and it got a bit messy! Gotta make the most of this weather right? lol.

Got back in after everyone had left and decided to fire up a set of 12 $6.50 45's. haha. Somehow I managed to win one and get a second too depsite not being able to hardly concentrate or even focus properly. Pissed poker FTW!!!

Might have a bit of an MTT night tonight and see if I can finally take something down!

Right off to put some butty's up and take the lad and mrs off to the seaside for the day.

gl at the felt.


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