Friday, 14 August 2009

mobile blogging

quality!! think this is extremely clever, using a simple application called pixelpipe.

poker- back at the cash tables, but being abit more disciplined in table selection. Before if there were limited fish I'd play tables that had 50-53% of players seeing flops, but now if there is nothing higher I am prepared to wait and tbh it's paid off. Although I have'nt played many hands I am up over $200 in two nights. Probably played a combined table time of less than 2 hours, so pretty happy with that.

Not been back on stars since it fucked me over on the SnG's and although I enjoy them, the sick bad runs I get on sometimes just crush the soul. Its fucking horrible.

None poker - off to france in the morning until Tuesday to visit a mate. Flying with EasyJet from Liverpool, so just hope it all runs smooothly. One timmeeeeee!!

btw, Kenn owns amatays soul in the 45's!

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  1. lol, fk off does he. he just plays waaaaay more. check out our stats.