Saturday, 22 August 2009

Short sessions.

as the title states, I have been busy working and travelling so much so I have hardly played any poker.

I managed a few short sessions the last two nights, but only for a max of maybe an hour each time.

I finished both sessions with about $50 profit each time. They were just steady to be honest, nothing major. Did sit at a 100NL table last night as I recognised a definate fish sat with $175. About 20 mins later I had around $50 of that and he was busto, so I left.

One thing I find is I just don't tilt playing cash like I do when I play tourneys. It must simply be due to the reload fact. I hate it when bad play eliminates you after hours of hard work to get deep, but in cash you just reload and don't worry about it. I actually find it sort of relaxing tbh..haha. does that make any sense?

we are off on our hols a week on Wednesday for a week in Cyprus. Looking forward to the hols, but not the 4 hour flight with a 1 year old! not sure how we are gonna entertain him, but I am sure we will manage somehow.

hopefully gonna get a decent session in tonight. hope I run good one time!

1 comment:

  1. I'd make ya some money......but i dnt need staking...sorry lol

    Have a good holiday anyways mate