Tuesday, 4 August 2009

July Round-up

I feel July went pretty well for me with the switch to 6-max cash games, although i got a taste for tourneys late on. LOL.

Anyways, here's how the stats went:

Purple Lounge: 5011 hands for $398.40 profit. 7 BB/100. + $161 rakeback.

Everest: 2915 hands for $705.27 profit. 22.70BB/100

Pokerstars: 301 hands for -$7.55 Loss. -5.02bb/100.

Full Tilt: 513 hands for $87.18 Profit. 33.99 BB/100

betmost: 297 hands for $10.50 Loss. -3.54 BB/100

Total Monies= $1333.80 profit.

Total Hands played: 6122

Not too shabby. Will be playing more this month on Purple and Betmost, simply due to the rakeback. the most important thing for me is finding the bad players. Hence why I like my roll accross a few sites. There is no point sitting at a table full of regs, I have nothing i want to prove, so I search out the fish and it seems to be working well for me atm.

I also played quite a few MTT's, without any real success. Got deep a number of times, but always seeming to fail to turn this into a final table at the moment.

I did qualify to play in the £300 Dusk Till Dawn deepstack, which was a great experience. Played really well and just lost a huge crucial hand with my KK no good vs QQ and AK all in pre flop, as the ace hit the river for pro Dave Smith. I then moved it with AK and got up against 44 and KK. Where was my ace? lol. oh well i can take a lot of positives from that game. I am really getting the hang of playing small ball and trying to accumulate chips. Pretty sure a lot of this is down to my post flop play being much improved due to my cash game playing.

On a none poker front got a hyper busy next month or so!

next saturday we are flying out to visit one of my mates who moved out to the South of France. Spending 3 nights with him, which will be good.

Weekend after we are travelling down to Bristol to visit the wife's relatives, so they can see the little lad before his birthday.

Then on the 2nd September, we are off to Cyprus for a weeks holiday. Had to book something as although Torquay was nice, you can;t beat gtd sunshine. British weather is just so shitty in comparrison. So looking forward to that too!!

I am enjoying poker right now. I think I will put more volume in for the cash this month, with a view to playing quite a few sats to live games next month.

Hope you are all goot.



  1. What's the basic rate on betmost mate? I have an account but have never played there because I get 50% at VC Poker

  2. Nice return mate, I postponing joining you at two particular sites til my heads in the right place lol. UL in the £300, my 10% was looking in good shape early doors! Good to finally meet you, next time I'll hopefully be lesshungover/pished :o)

  3. Nice figures Mik. Very much doubt you'll meet DOV when not hungover or pissed!!!!

  4. Great cash results Mik, superb!