Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ball Breaker!

Just played a short session tonight and lost just over 3 buy-ins, despite being a buy-in up early on. One hand was horrible luck with set over set on the flop and one where I got a fish in when I was sure he was weak, I had AKs and he had 88 (lol, wtf he shoves after I 3-bet him). Obv he holds. The other two stacks I lost were poor play on my part. Pretty pissed off with myself right now.
Been a while since I had a big losing session and I forgot how fkin shyte it feels. Oh well downswongs happen.
On another note, i am feeling sorry for one particular blogger, who's Nottingham romance (quick jump?) has gotten onto another's very popular blog! No doubt if his mrs ever found out he'd be getting some of that in my picture!!! I always thought "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"!! rotten bastards!
Sort of regretting not getting more involved in that trip. Sounds like they had a right craic on the night out. I did manage to briefly meet the guys, but because I was still in the £300 tourney and when i bust they were in the £50 tourney, our paths hardly crossed. A shame IMO.
All I can say is that i would never rob a bank with some of you fuckers!! hahahahahahaha. poor rubbish!


  1. Hi Mik,
    Yeah, wont be long before that fish posts my name, address and bank details up.

  2. LOOOOL. I know!!! We should "out" him for his obv gay romance with that coggy fella!

  3. pleasure to see u again big guy.

    next time dont be so fucking gay and stop over, have a few beers :)