Sunday, 8 August 2010


Been way too busy at work to really put any time in at the tables. Busy covering off shifts on the holiday season and although it's hard work now, I'll be happy when those wage slips land :)

I played a few MTT's Friday night and managed to final table 2 out of the 6 games.  Unfortunately though I came 7th in both, which pissed me off, especially as it was the worst player at the table by a mile who got me when I shoved my A6s in his eye and he snapped me off with A4s... of course the 4 rewards his dumb fkin ass. In the other I shoved AK into 77.  I flopped an ace, but he hit a set. Sigh. No joy when at the business end.

I actually enjoyed the games and played fairly well.

I've also been playing some STT's with some guys off KrackedKings. Some really good players actually and thats been fun.

Basically just chillin whilst playing rather than seriously getting the grind on and I think thats the reason I enjoy it more.

Busy as fuck all week at work again so prolly won;t play much. After these shifts are all done though I think I want to sit down to a few nights of serious grinding to recoop my BR. I have manged to make about $250 ish this week, but then went and blew $100 on the nags.

Reet, enough of my boring shit.

Hope you run good and crush souls.