Sunday, 15 August 2010

SnG's and MTT's

Thats what I am playing at the moment and pretty much all on Full Tilt.
Doing ok in the MTT's, Final Tabling two $8 MTT's the other night when I played and getting very deep again in the $10k GTD Early Antes.

I find though if I am gonna sit down for an MTT sesh I really really have to be in the mood or about 2 hours in I am pissed off and bored, whihc obviously is no good to man nor beast.

When I am not working the next day MTT's tend to be my selection and SnG's when I am working.

I am getting creamed in the SnG's at the min though. The usual bad beat shit, I can't even remember how many times my over pair has been done by a smaller pair all in pre flop and how many times my dominating ace has been crushed by Ace rag. I haven;t put any significant volume it just yet, but it was starting to feel a little bit like deja vu.

I might try messing with my SnG strat a little because everyone is pretty much playing the robotic style of fold everything until into push fold mode and I am sure some of them are missing the dead money of the donkeys early on.

I am toying with willing to gamble 1/3 my stack early on (normally 1500 chips to start) and then move into push fold mode from 10 BB's or less and never let myself get lower than 6 BB's (unless bubble strategy calls for it).

Just trying to think a little outside the box. There are too many 16+ tabling nitbots who are missing the +EV spots against the fish, so I think I might be able to gain a small adge by trying to take advantage of this.

We'll see.

Good to have the Premiership back, just can;t believe Everton lost their first game to the shit that is Blackburn Rovers.  Piss Poor, but I have to laugh at the local radio who are already talking about Blackburn's "good" chance of Europe this season and Blackpool's "safety"... after one game hahahahaha. Fuckin nuggets.

I've had a crap start to the fantasy league, I hope I have a good day today cos it's tough to prop everyone up when you are right in the shit at the bottom!!

Finally, FUCK THIS WEATHER!!! Rained nearly every day for the last 6 weeks. Global warming? MY ARSE.

Ok, ramble over.

Good Luck at the tables folks.


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