Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dealing with my tilt issues

So as you will be aware from my posts here and at the forum I have got some tilt issues!

I thought I had it under control and don;t get me wrong, I can leave it on the tables and I don;t let it really affect my mood away from the tables, but if it happens when I am playing then it's pretty much curtains for my A,B, C or even D game.

My recent volume has been, for want of a better word, shit. I really haven;t been settled or played anything and with my BR being low the beats are starting to feel much worse.

I have been so bored with poker recently I started having bets on the nags and on the Footy, all with my poker bankroll money and that hasn;t gone well. I'm probably $350 down at least, which is really dissapointing and as such has made me realise I NEED to do something about my poker game to get me away from the other pure gambling forms.

My current BR is about $800 total. So it's not enough to play even NL25 and I couldn't motivate myself to play lower than that. I donked around in a few 18/27 player SnG's for a while, but when I went on a bad run and the BR started dropping, mainly due to ridonkulous beats, thats when the major tilt was beginning to kick in.

I made a post on the forum and got some good advice, but at first I sort of refused to take it onboard. I mean I know all about variance, I understand that volume will even it all out over time and that all you can do is get it in good, but thats not where my problem was.

It finally dawned on me that i HAVE to be a bankroll nit because thats where almost all of my tilt issues stem from. When things were not as tight IRL it wasn;t an issue, but now I know I don;t wanna go busto because we haven;t got the spare cash ATM for me to replenish my roll if I lose it and I think this is all part of my problem.

So, thankyou to all who gave me that advice and the things to think about because I think you might have helped me to turn a corner here.

Last night I decided that using a 300 Buy-in rule I was gonna grind SnG's. I decided following some thought and advice that I would go for the $2 180's on Stars like a few of the other lads. I have to be honest this feels like a pretty big step backwards to me as a player because I have never played this low before, but it's time to swallow my pride and start working on my roll again. (Unless someone wants to stake me ofc :) )

So, I 20 tabled the games last night and I have to admit, although loads of the bust outs were ridiculous, I didn;t feel the tilt creeping in. In fact I was laughing at some of the stuff I was seeing and that felt good. I also felt like I was putting the volume in again. Thats two pretty big steps forward that I am really happy with.

I finished up with a 2nd and a 3rd and a few minor places meaning a small profit for the session and the whole session of 45 games only took me 2 and a half hours, which was promising.

The next level up is the $4 180's and I'll play that if the roll hits $1200.

Time will tell here I guess.

Cheers for reading my shit.



  1. Nice post Mik...20 tabling ??? Wow, didn't know you could 20 table but if you can, you should have been playing these ages ago.

    The $4s are non turbo mate so i think volume wise, it's easier and probably a better hourly to play the $2s (someone else will confirm I guess). They have the $7s but they never seem to fill so next up would be the 12s obviously.


  2. cheers cogss.

    Yeah 20 tabling is fairly easy with these because you are rtarely short handed, unlike small SnG's.

    AHK scripts make it miles easier.

  3. I've just started 12 tabling the 2/180's with a $400 roll.

    Played 50 in the past two days, had a 1st, 3rd and two small cashes. Games are ridic soft but the beats are horrendous! Thank fuck for the 200+ BI bankroll!

  4. well fuck me ! a positive post !

  5. Mik - post a guide on using AHK plz. I can't be arsed trawling for one