Thursday, 26 August 2010

The story so far..

Not good.

I found 20 tabling is a just a bit too much. I am making too many rush and poor decisions, I am giving up too much quality in return for quantity and it's having a definate negative effect.

Then add to that ll my miss That sucked ass, but I am hoping the shortcuts will get easier as I get used to them again.

So I am gonna cut dow to between 14-16 tables. I think I can manage that.

So here is the latest results:

Will fire away again tonight.


  1. Saw you on one of my tables last night mate. I've gone from playing 12 to playing 15 and I'm hoping to be up to 18-20 by the end of the month.

    I've played 100 of these over the past week and have an ITM of 11% but my ROI has dropped to 17.4% but I am 220k chips under ev at the mo.

    See you at the tables!

  2. Yeah saw you briefly Pud and got ur text, but had a bit too many going to reply!! lol.

    I am currently finding it ok to 16 table and drag the ones where I am deep off to the second monitor to focus on, otherwise I miss too many pushing pots.