Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rush Poker

Damn this shyte is addictive!!!

I have played about 1.2k hands and running/playing bad means I am down $132.56. lol.

For those of you who don;t know what it is:

With it only starting yesterday it is attracting fish like flies on shit, but I really cannot find the optimal strategy. I tried have tried super nut peddling FR ring. Laggy on full ring, laggy on 6 max and nitting 6-max, but none seem to work too well.

Gonna have another pop this afternoon and this is gonna be my strategy:

  • Open  every pot in the CO and BTN if it folds round to me with ATC.
  • 3 bet light from the BB
  • mini raise all my small pairs (22-99)
  • raise 5 x BB TT-AA/AKs/AK and AQs
  • call one raise with all PP's.
  • 3-bet TT+ and AK/AKs
Not sure how it will work, but I have to give it a try before these games get cracked by someone! Obviously table image doesn;t matter a shit, so it really is a case of exploiting postion and aggression IMO.

As for my normal poker, all is very very good. Earned a nice poriton of rakeback so far this month and played about 14k hands. That is still my staple diet and my main game.

Right off for another rushhhhhhhhhhhhh..btw this sums it up nicely:


  1. Hey man, your strategy seems ok.

    However something I have noticed is if you raise, be prepared for the player to shove. Obviously hands like pocket 2s are easy to get away from, but hands like Jacks can be trickier.

    More hands per hour = more bad beats lol! good luck man

  2. Id Gladly Watch This video of Otis Rush Then Play Poker Rush Mate :)

  3. that looks mental.. keep us informed how yo uget on

  4. Wow this looks awesome...

    Scary though... just further opportunity to squander my kids' inheritance!