Thursday, 21 January 2010

APAT TE, Rush and rest

This weekend is the Annual APAT Team poker event and after finishing 2nd last year we have entered another team hoping to go one better.

The team is:

Snake Eyes

We also had Mair last year, who ended up individual champ. Unfortunately she is representing someone else this year, but I am sure we will all still be hoping she does well.

I am looking forward to it, should be a good session of beer and laughs. Bring it on!

Rush Poker -  I think I found a decent little strategy now for this that seems to work well (for 6 max):

1. Don;t get dragged into the speed of it. Fast decisions are often unrational and spewy. Take your time to still think about what you are doing and why.

2. If folded to you on the button or cutoff, open virtually any two cards to 2.5 x BB. Remember you don;t have an image to create or preserve, so make sure you use position and aggression to it's full potential.

3. Open your big hands big, like 4-5 x BB. AA/KK/QQ/JJ/TT/AKs/AK/AQs, open them all big,. simply for value because these guys seem to love calling and taking flops.

4. Open Mini raise pocket pairs and call 1 raise. Set mine hard as this is where lots of your money is to come from via the nutt peddlers.

5. Don't 3 bet light, even with position, as people are just not being bluffed, be especially tight with your 3-b etting range from Blinds.

6. Post flop -  If you have a big hand, mash the pot button or even overbet the pot for value and if you miss you can still c-bet 50-60% of pot for value. The beauty is no one is going to pick up on this and get a read as you are not at the same table and no one can use HUD's. Take advantage.

7. River shoving the nuts. This has paid off such a lot. Just get it done as you'll be suprised how often villains think this is a bluff and make weird hero calls.

Basically post flop, play your big hands very hard and don;t bother getting tricky. This is how you will get the most value long term in a game like this.

This strategy has served me well so far and I hope it helps you too. Good Luck.

My normal poker is going great. I am at an all time high now bankroll wise and really feel I am getting the hang of it. I am definately not spewing as much and laying down big hands when I need to, which is saving me a LOT of money long term. Overall poker is incredibly enjoyable for me at this minute, long may it continue!!!!




  1. Such a nice change to hear someone is playing well and running well. i'm chuffed for you Mik as I know from RTR how hard you've been working on your game.

    I'm suffering from major tilt issues at the moment and need to address this before I play any more volume.

    See you tomorrow when team AWOP will be crushing!

  2. Good strat mate, similar to the one I am using. Small cbets when missed seem to work a treat. I also look at the stacks, if they have a full stack the occasional 3bet bluff from the blinds works as these players will prolly be playing the same strat as you, i.e opening ATC from CO/Btn.

    I am all giddy about tomorrow weeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  3. Glad to see you're loving the poker Mik,keep the good results coming.
    Glgl to you and the RTR crew this weekend,take it down fellas!!!

  4. Nice first day, Good Luck for Day 2 Mick !!

  5. good to catch up at APAT and wp sir !

    like the rush guide, tried it twice and got so fucked over, ouch !

    really must get my fucking finger out, that lazee fish Amagay has commented more wtf ?