Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sweats and Grinds!

So last night, being my first night back off work it was time to get-a-grindin! I fired up my tables about 8ish and started grindng away. Usual 7 tables. As you may or may not remember I withdrew a lump off the site, simply for safe keeping and this was the first time i had played snce the withdrawal and despite what people say i was expecting bad-uns... (this could just be a mindset, who knows).

Anyways not to dissapoint one of my early hands was AA stacked by 66. lol. I thought I was in for a super shit night, but not so! I did ok after that, grinding hard playing well and generally just getting maximum value wherever I could.

I had promised snake a sweat session about 9.30, but he was running behind time so I had a little longer, before stopping about 9.45, getting a brew and just taking a break. I finished the first part of the sesh up about $28, despite being down as low as about $80 and back up as high as about $60. lol swingaments.

Snake rang me to let me know what time he was coming on and explained Ant, from the forums was after sitting in our skype session and just listening in to our chat during the hands. Obviously Ant recognises talent and wanted to learn a thing or two about this poker makarky! ;o)

About ten we got the sweat going, a bit of piss taking later we got the tables up and running. Luckily I had my second monitor attached to the lappy, so when I saw a couple of juicy tables I couldn;t resist playing whilst sweating. Just the two tables, but that still allowed me to mainly focus on what Snake was doing.

Let me tell you first hand... no matter how many bad beats he post, that snakey runs like fucking god!!!! oh, except maybe when it comes to QQ, which he runs into AA with alarming frequency!! He himself noticed a few spots where the negativity had crept into his game and had made him not only a little spewy, but also missing value. Obv he wasn;t playing badly, his fundamental game is very very solid, much more so than mine, but I think for these levels you don't really need to 3-bet quite as light as you might do on full tilt with the better regs. You just have to keep it solid and simple and the bad players will eventually pay.

The sweat was a good laugh, with no end of piss taking from all 3 of us and it fnished with snake making a decent profit, which was good to see. Had it not been for losing two big pots with Q's vs A's it could have been a very good session, but such is.

Anyways when the sweat was over, I just left one table up and was gonna post my last set of blinds, when a big fish sat down. He was all in on his first hand with TT on a Q high flop and turned a Ten. I decided to just hang about a little longer, after all this was late Saturday night, all the piss-heads would be on in force :o)

I managed to get into a big pot with him with AA's, but you can see what I was up against: CHECK THIS BAD BOY LOL! Unfortunately he fucked off after that pot and I couldn;t see him at anymore tables. Meh.

I decided to grind on and ended up with 6 tables going, hahahaha. I finished the night having played just over 1800 hands and making $111 profit overall. Not too bad considering the swings.

saturday night =  free money night IMO!

Tonight is tourney night. I just played an $11 rebuy into the Sunday Mill and lost 4 all ins in a row. LOL.

TT vs 76s AIPF - rivered str8.
AQ vs KK AIPF - flop ace, river K (one guys says it was case King. FML).
88 vs A4 - He turned an ace.
I finally blasted K4 with about 6 BB's and got looked up by 89s -  blanks all the way, until rivered 8. FML.

I have signed upto Cake poker, put some money onto party and also a little onto absolute, just to try out some smaller field tourneys. I really can;t be arsed wading through 9k+ donks in an $11 stars tourney. I might play their 360 CAP and 500 CAP games though.

Just let me run good baby!




  1. Thanks for the sweat mate, really enjoyed it, good banter with the 2 Northern Monkies vs The Brumster lol.

    Confidence back mate, gonna ditch QQ pf also lol

  2. Thanks guys,learnt loads........Snakey runs like god and Mik does a brill Peter Kay impression! Lol.

    Was a good laugh,enjoyed it,will have to do some more.