Monday, 1 February 2010

January 2010 Roundup

January was a good month poker-wise. No yakking, str8 down to the nitty gritty:

Cash Games

Played 19,098 (NL50) hands for $656.44 + $437.59 Rakeback = $1094.05 Profit
Full Tilt Rush = 1,403 (NL25) hands for $19.87 profit

Cash Game Graph:

Tournaments (inc SnG's)

Pokerstars: 67 tournaments for $580.39 profit
Full Tilt: 7 tournaments for $57.10 loss

Totals: $1637.19 Profit for January 2010

Posted my February goals here


  1. Great start to the year Mik!!
    Keep it up fella.
    glgl smoothplz

  2. Great results mate, cracking start!!

  3. Bet you are gutted you forgot to turn on the 'run good' button until the 13k hand mark - imagine how much you could have won!

    Good results though mate, especially for limited volume. Bets of luck in Feb.

  4. Congrats Mik, very nice month. Over $400 RB aswell, just think the poker room could have had all of that the robin' bastards

  5. No wonder you'd rather have a poke in the eye than play the DYM. WP Sir!!

  6. fuck me ! I have almost fallen off your leaderboard !

    oh, nice profit, btw, lol !!

    go get 'em donkey !!