Friday, 26 February 2010

quietly grinding away

Not a great deal happening, just grinding away quietly. I am almost breakeven right now for this month, each step forward is met with a step backwards and a bit of bad luck or bad play at the wrong time. I am ironing out a few leaks here and there and generally just trying to play good poker. My all in EV luck is shit right now, I have been a little unlucky in races and even when I am getting it in good, but I know long term that will be profitable for me.

I'll play more cash tonight then probably have a pop at grinding some tourneys tomorrow night as it's the APAT Welsh Online championship, so I'll be playing that.

The weather is facking depressing and thankfully I am coming to the end of this stint of night shifts, meaning back with the land of the living again in a couple o' weeks.

Hope life and poker is treating you good.


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