Sunday, 28 February 2010

Feb round-up

That was truly a testing month for me pokerwise. I worked really hard, but could just never ever seem to get anything going. Everytime I would do well and get ahead, a bit of shitty luck and sometimes bad play would come around and bring me right back to where I started and it was as frustrating as fuck if I am honest.

I seriously hope March is not a tough as this. I mean a breakeven is not too bad in reality, but when you consider the number of terrible players I have managed to get up against, i should have been raking it in, but the fact is that in reality I cannot control luck and this month it simply has not been on my side and I have got to accept that as a hurdle, get over it and move on with a clear mind.

So onto the stats:


Microgaming - 19,565 hands for $52.78 profit + $422.67 rakeback = + $475.55

Thank fak for rakeback IMO!


As you an see I started like a train and then went on an almighty downswong, some really bad shit and frustration also caused bad play to be fair. It was pretty fucking horrible, but slowly and surely I dragged it back, but after that it was back and forward like a yo-yo.

Also played a little bit of rush poker on Full Tilt to clear a little of the bonus...

Full Tilt - 832 hands for a total of -$0.32 + the $10 bonus I cleared = +$9.68

Cash game Totals = +$485.13


Pokerstars - 132 touneys (inc MTT's + SnG's) - for a loss of $225.72
Full Tilt - 12 tourneys for $81.02 profit

Tourney Profitz = -$144.7.

OVERALL MONTH = + $340.43

I kid you not when I tell you with a little run good in there that could have been an awesome month. haha Such is life, time to move on and head into March with a smile.


  1. Must be frustrating after a very good January but at least you didn't lose and you can go into March with a clean slate and expecting things to pick up.


  2. Profit is good, forget short term, you are making the correct decisions, in the long term skill will prevail mate.

    Gl in March fella

  3. Any profit is a good thing Mik!!
    Here's to a profitable March for all of us.