Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Cold Place

I am in a cold cold dark place with poker right now. I am not sure I can beat the cash games. I am spewing and getting coolered/bad beat into oblivion everytime I venture to the tables. I just had a 3 day break whilst I was working and return tonight to lose another 5 buy-ins without doing too much wrong. I mean AA vs A4 GFY. it's all the usual shit, but it's completely killed the confidence, it's absolutely fucking brutal when everytime you get JJ/KK/QQ an overcard flops and you run into resistance. You bet your strong draws hard but they never get there. You finally pick up aces and they get smashed. You 3-bet and C-bet a lot, but consistantly miss every flop and get floated every fucking time.

It's so so so so fucking horrible.

I now don;t know if I just fucking suck or variance is kicking my ass, either way I am struggling badly.


  1. I feel the same sometimes. Everyone talks about variance and how you have to play 1000s of hands for it to even itself out. How do you ever know if you're a winning player and put it down to variance that you lose and not that your a losing player and variance has made you win a bit?

  2. How about switching to limit cash games during a cooler. The variance is lower and even when you run bad the losses will be much lower than in no limit. When you start heating up again you can return to your no limit cash games with avengence.

  3. I feel the same as you at the moment but am also playing shite which is a bit different. Thinking of taking a break for a bit to see if it bothers me as I'm just going through the motions and shoving when I'm bored. If its variance it will turn in your favour mate but if you suck (and I doubt it but I do atm) you'll rinse your roll which is why I might have a rest before I fck it all off gl

  4. Mik....why not take a break from Hold 'em full stop. I'd never played Omaha before(and I know there are a load of jokes surrounding you and Omaha!) but after watching a load of training vids and getting used to the game it's a really nice change. The varience is high, but just start off low.

    I honestly believe it can help your NLH game as well....I found my hand reading was tons better when I came back.

    I can get you a copy of all my vids if you are interested...and even some of my Omaha training vids :-)

  5. Mik -It's standard variance and I think you deep down know it. The way u describve it in yr post even says that.....Coolers, missed draws etc.

    Take a look at Clarketroid blog, his graph for Feb is good, but took a good while to swing upwards.

    Keep reviewing your hands tho if you think your spewing in a few spots.

    Oh, and trust me I feel yr pain right now re run bad....just keep grinding