Sunday, 14 March 2010

Stepping Down

Enough is enough. This horriffic run just keeps going and now I cannot hold in any pot where I get it in ahead for stacks. I seriously can't, I almost feel ill. Just played a 100 hands session, dead small, three tables just playing to pass half an hour.

After those 100 hands I am not far from $200 down. ridic stuff. I have 22 and get it in on a 2TJ flop vs a supposed "reg" who has QK.. oh wp you fucking idiot and ofc turn insta binks him an Ace for a €100 pot ($150). I got it in with Ajdd on a TdQx3d board vs a guy with JQ (for real??), yes he was an idiot, but of course I totally brick all my outs and he wins a $100 pot. I then have to fold to another reg in a 3-bet pot on a 9TT9 board and he check raises all in. He's fairly solid and isn;t doing this without the nuts, so once again goodbye dosh. blah blah blah

It's proper proper sickening stuff and it now feels like it is never gonna end. I just wanna run normal for a bit.

Anyways, I have decided that I am gonna step down to NL20 to play through this. I am probably just about even this month with rakeback, but I was well up and this run has totally crushed my soul. Not sure how motivated I will be to play at NL20, but ATM pride is the least of my worries.

I genuinely feel like I have been doomswitched, it's sickly bad.

Actually, alternatively, I might move some back Everest for a while or try somewhere else because I am thoroughly pissed off with this shit right now.

I'll have a think and decide soon, but right now I am too busy wallowing in self-pity. :)


  1. I take a few days off. I have seen the losing streaks end with time off (especially if you are a frequent player).

    Yesterday (even though not losing), just layed back and caught up on TV. Though I started out watching some poker TV, decided I was tired of dealing with Poker day in and out.

    So, watched all the other recordings on the DVR. Plenty left too. Feel much better today, visiting the blogs. Mind is refreshed.

    While I have seen many pros claim (well, they all tend to be younger than I, MUCH younger) that when you are on losing streak, keep getting in MORE hands to bust out of it. My own analysis has shown, THIS IS NOT TRUE. Consequently, I agree with Phil Gordon (more along the lines of my age), that WHEN YOU ARE LOSING, FIND ANY EXCUSE TO GET UP FROM TABLE.

    PS, if your opponents are keeping stats, using HUDS, notes, etc, they will know you are on losing streak, and take advantage of it.

    So, STOP PLAYING. (Also, having 2 accounts or more helps with this).


  2. Why not try bwin poker, good site, nice software and a good pool of fish.

  3. cheers guys. I tried taking 3 days off last week Future, but to no avail, I just returned to the same type of stuff.

    What network is Bwin? Is it iPoker?

  4. running bad and breaking even is alright mate? It when your running good and losing that you need to worry!

  5. It's only break even because of rakeback though mate and I really should be up a HUGE amount this month overall.

    I think I peaked about $500+ and thats all gone and I am around $200 ish down now.

  6. Mik, $200 down over a month is nothing if your playing 50NL and 100NL. And ggiven u are also working i'm sure it's not that great amount of hands in the bigger picture.

    Post a PT graph or something maybe.

    And we all knows how you loves to tell us about your

    Anyway, chin up, keep getting it in good, volume evens out variance for decent players as you well know. However, if your mentally not in the game, take a break as others have said or maybe fire up some low stakes MTT's for achange of pace. Get back to enjoying poker again as atm you dont sound like you are.


  7. Yeah, I still don;t handle beats the best. It's weird though because I don't see it as $200 down, I see it as being like $700 down because I was around $500 up, if you see my meaning.

    TBH there is nothing I can do about it, except try and play through it, whether it be by dropping down a level or just stiking at where I am.

    It's not fun ATM, but then it never is for anyone when you are on a bad run. I played a few fun MTT's (well the APAT and Bloggerment) last night for a change of pace and enjoyed those.

    Either way, there is a long way to go yet before I quit cash, I am up probably close to $4k since I started with it (including rakeback) so I can;t really moan, I just have trouble dealing with the mental aspects of the swings ATM.

  8. Have a break mate. All you can really do.

    Oh and Bwin is Ongame, so if you wanna try that network you know where to play ;)