Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fuel Prices

Enough is enough. With predicted rises we are going to get even further screwed.

Forward to everyone you know...

If we do nothing then how can we ever complain?

Post on blogs, forums w/e.

I am also considering joining the M62 protest if it goes ahead.


  1. If you think it is bad now, wait until sterling weakens further and everything gets more expensive. I think that people are misguided having a go at the retailers here - all they are doing is buying it at a market price (which is in dollars) and selling it, with a massive amount of tax, to make a margin. When sterling weakens or the wholesale price of oil goes up, fuel prices go up. The only thing that the Government can do is jack the interest rate up in an attempt to protect sterling.

  2. Barrel prices fell a lot at the end of last year and start of this year, but the prices at the pump did not reflect that, the oil; company's continued to charge us way over the odds. I know the duty is ridiculous, but the company's are also making fools of us.


  3. All your money Mik, should open up your own garage.

  4. Mik - I'm playing Devil's Advocate to an extent here but there is also a lack of refining capacity in Europe - you . I'll be interested to see if the Government will jack the petrol price up in April (3p per litre).

    What someone needs to do is work out the cost of the wholesale refined product relative to pump prices with a £/$ adjustment in there to see what is really going on and if the oil majors are monkeying around or if it is purely market movements. I suspect it is a bit of both.