Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Looking ok now

With the end of the month fast approaching the recovery is well underway. I might be able to save this month thanks to the breakeven and terrible luck finally starting to be not quite as harsh. It's a fact that I am not playing much different to when I was running super cold, except now my big hands are holding when they need to and the difference that makes to your win rate and confidence is pretty incredible.

I am still in the top 65 in the rake race, but it's not too great, might end up with a $50 or so bonus.

Fingers crossed the strong end to the month can continue.

 I was searching for a funny pic to be a post saver and I ran into this:

Thats just fackin siiiick.!

Ok another post saver...


  1. i thought it was korea that they ate dogs.....

  2. That beer will never last. He'll have to send her back for more . .