Thursday, 18 March 2010

WTF! - A winning night!


Got home from work last night and fired up a few tables. Was suprised at how tight they were, with only one table being over 50% players to the flop and not many with big average pots.

So I joined what I thought were the best, but in reality I couldn;t find more than 3 decent ones, so was just playing the 3.

It started off fairly blank, with me not finding any decent spots to get properly involved in any hands. I then pick up aces, a fish raises, I 3 bet the BTN, a weak player in BB calls and so does fish. Flop is K44. I bet both call. Turn is another blank, I fire out big, both call... At this point I am think about Kx type hands for them both. On the river I basically put them both in, one had only about $1.54 left or somethin daft. Both call, fish flips KQ and the weak player flips 94o????????? LOL, seriously?  He calls a 3-bet from BB and flops trip 4 with 94. FML. Pretty standard for recently.

I then had KK busted by another fishy player, when he called the flop with a double gutter and I set him in on the turn, which he stacked off to with the same double gutter, he had 8Q on a 79T2 board. Of course river was a Jack and I started think, of fuck me, here we go again, but then it changed.....

I was playing very solid, making sure I didn;t get daft or make any hero calls and finally turned it round with my set vs an overpair that we got in on the flop and then lots of medium sized pots that I kept winning, mostly without a showdown.

I finished the session $82 to the good, which felt like a bit of a miracle considering I went down fast at the start and wasn't playing a big session.

I spoke to snake on the phone before I finsihed playing and he told me a funny story about Yorkshire Pud, he'll probably share it on his blog, but Snake was pretty pissed-up after having a session in the pub with his mate and he was on his way home to play poker...ut oh... Running Bad at Poker + Beer =  Disaster! I then saw his post on the forum this morning: LINK

Not sure what the damage was for him yet, hope it wasn't too bad.

Don't forget to sign the fuel Petition if you are a UK resident: LINK

Now I just hope my running like a 3 legged Blackpool Donkey days are over!

P.S - I hope Bruce Lea starts to run better too, I know how poker can mentally screw you over. gl mate.

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  1. Ty for the mention m8 really appreciate that.

    Just got in from work and Mrs had tea on table, now I have fired up 4 mid range MTTs, come on ONE FUKIN TIME!!

    Get me off this shit run.

    Best of luck m8.