Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Is it over?

...The downwing of course!

Things seem to have picked up a little, with me now booking a couple of decent winning sessions and the BR moving firmly in the right direction.

I was relly unlucky in a big pot last night when I had to shove JJ on a low flop (ended up committed because of my squeeze pre) and then got super lucky vs a maniac, when He min raised BVB and I called with K6s and the flop to come K26 and we got it in. He only had 22... but for once, I finally sucked out and rivered a King! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Hopefully now I can push on and I feel if I got through that really tough time I can really build on it. Fingers crossed!



  1. Nice work Mik, hope you go on a heater!

  2. Loving the K6 hand!
    Although to be fair, that hand is a cooler either way - no way either of you can avoid getting it all-in here.
    Hope the up-turn continues!

  3. Up,up & away Mik....hope it carrys on.

  4. bit of a comment spam so apologies but would love some feedback on my new blog, one for the lads me thinks :)

  5. Well done mate.
    I hope things continue to go up
    for u.
    I also loving the K6 hand!
    Hope the up-turn continues!
    Keep posting!