Monday, 15 March 2010

Big Picture

So after my recent moaning and whining about my run I have realised that my biggst problem is the mental aspect. After a bad session it consumes me, I get so pissed off and fed up, especially when I feel I am playing well.

Thanks for all the comments and I know people keep saying that it's only $200 (4-buy-ins) down and I am still B/e this month, but remeber, I was up ~$500 so thats actually like a $700 downswing (14 buy-ins), which is the way I was thinking about.

Anyways, I was looking at the bigger picture on Poker Tracker and since I started playing NL cash later on last year I have made over $4.5k (Including rakeback) and thats pretty damned good for an average low limit player with a full time job, so I really just need to stop letting these short term beats hurt me so much.

I am not sure how I am going to deal with the mental aspect of going on downswings just yet, I probably end up doing what i do now and just moaning on here and on the forum to get it all off my chest, because in a perverse way showing the world how bad I run makes me feel better just for getting it off my chest.

Once again thankyou all for your comments and reading, I am definately going to plough on through because the reality is there is plenty of dosh still to be made.


  1. oh LOL.. I definately do. It's part of me and the way I deal with the swings.

  2. Stop moaning you big tart!! 4.5 grand is a right result & you know you can make more.
    Crack on Mik & glglglgl.