Thursday, 11 March 2010

The day after the night before

Tough night last night. For once I didn;t feel there was that much spew, just some really tough coolers and bad beats. I felt I played very well for most of the night, but still dropped over 6 buy-ins (about $320), pretty incredible really. Puts me back into the red for the month :(

I lost with a flopped set vs a fish who called a pot sized bet on the flop and hit the gutshot on the turn. I couldn;t put him on it as played and lost a stack.

I lost when i bet my flush draw (T9s) to the river and hit it vs a reg who had called me down and I shoved the river only for him to insta call and I see he had called the Pre flop raise with K4s (WTF???) not hit anything on the flop or turn, but still called me down all the way and made the bigger flush on the river.

Lost a big pot to a weird dude when i turned 2 pair on an ace high board and it turned out he had a set of aces.

Lost with an over pair tens, vs a guy who called me down with 3rd pair and rivered the 4 straight.

Lost a decent pot when i opened AT got a caller and the board camme TT3. 2 turn and x river and he mini raised me on river when i thought I was value betting him, only for him to have 33 for the flopped house. I mean fml what setups!

Lost another stack with AQ vs a reg on a AQ8 two club board, which i bet hard, turn was a brick and I bet hard again and by the river there was like $48 in the pot and I have $23 behind so i shove. He had 6c8C. he called two big streets of bets with 3rd pair and weak flush draw and obv gets there on the river. Fucking joke IMO.

I also got it in pre vs a fish with TT vs his mighty JQo for about 70 BB's. I flop a set of tens..weee, but he runner runners the str8. Pathetic.

All gruesome stuff and very little I could do anything about, just a shame they always got there with their retarded plays.

That said, I got it all out and now it's time to move on. A fresh session tonight and I plan on playing my best and hopefully will not run as bad.

Please please please leave me alone now poker gods. thankyou.