Friday, 5 March 2010

Fish outta water

This is incredibly tough. After that insane heater single session, last night I play another 2k hands and lose most of that back again. It's seriously gruesome. At one point last night where I lost a big pot to an idiot my head went and I was very very very close to just withdrawing my roll and walking away. I am not fully sure I can deal with the massive swings. The hand in questions is a 3-bet pot and it all went in on a AKT flop, where I had AK and villain had AQ and he binks a Jack on the river. I lost a €135 Euro pot vs an aggro idiot on a AJK flop, where I had AJ and ofc he had AK. I had to lay aces down to a river shove, in a 3-bet pot, where the board read KQQTx, I got 4 flushed numerous times and it was just generally more of that stuff.

I am starting to wonder to myself how much longer this can carry on. I am not bothered about running hot, I just don;t wanna run this cold anymore.

Just ran a few random stats through PT3 this month.

I saw a flop with 324 Pocket Pairs and made 21 sets. Thats 1 set in 15.24 times. Technically you are supposed to hit sets about 1in 7 times. lol. Granted, I know it's a small sample size.

I am currently losing money with Aces, they are winning 78% of the time. KK is winning 76% of the time. QQ is 77%.

blah blah blah.

Been reading over the hands and yes I am definately making some mistakes, but the main problem in the big pots has been coolers, not winning the flips on both sides and just plain old bad beats.

I guess this is what they call variance and right now it's really really tough to handle. I just hope I can have as many good sessions as bad as if I can manage to break even I could live with it, but if I continue to lose money then I can't see the point of contnuing.

Jesus this is tough right now. I hate feeling like I do nothing but moan, but in reality thats exactly how I am feeling about all this shit right now, I litereally have nothing positive to say.

My Apologies guys, if it continues being bad I am just gonna stop posting until it turns around, no one wants to read depressing shit.



  1. Welcome to my world lol

    Mate, we will get through this, I assure you!

  2. Maybe start playing SNG as you don't get the same swings as you do in cash games? HUSNG don't have the same swings but do tilt you in other ways!

  3. It's just variance mate. I need to get a grip. I know deep down it's just variance and it's bound to happen, i just need to learn how to understand it better and accept it.

    as they say "thats poker"

    thanks for all the comments and support. I know we have all been there.



  4. Mik, I agree with United on this one. I think it's the cash games. I find it a lot easier to cope with variance on sng's. To my mind the cash games require so much more concentration.

    I know you and snake are making a good go of it, but it's so much harder to play.

    Grit your teeth, battle on and give the buggers hell! :-)

  5. I know its allready been suggested but give the cash a short swerve & crack on with a weeks worth of sng's or maybe mtt,s.
    You allways seem to do ok in these & it would be a welcome break from the ball ache you seem to be getting on the cash games.
    Glglgl with watever you decide.

  6. thanks for the comments guys..

    This is a different kind of variance tbh, this is wayyyy more frustrating, not being able to hit and not making big pots with big hands.

    SnG variance is just plain and simple sickness and more a depressing type of variance. I like SnG's and MTT's, but I really wanna crack the cash games, regardless of this little blip (which BTW, i am back in profit this month) I have made a lot from cash games and I also feel I have learnt so much more from it.

    I was just a rough patch i struggled with.

    It's hard to explain, but I feel so uch better when i play well at cash games than when I play well in SnG's.