Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Avoided le cash

So having been on a bit of a downswing and the toll of nights completely fucking up my sleeping pattern and making me feel continuosly tired, I decided to stay away from the cash tables. I knew that if I didn't it wouldn;t take much for me to flip into uber tilt mode and piss away numerous buy-ins. Fairly sensible for me actually, I normally don;t bother too much about how I am feeling, I just hit up the tables and away I go.

Instead, I have been messing around in MTT's and some SnG's. I have been working hard on my MTT game, trying to plug leaks and to stop tightening up when the blinds get big, which i guess is human nature, and tbh I found a nice little style that suits me at the moment and has helped me run deep in a few MTT's.

My basic strategy is to play loose throughout. Not ridonkulously loose, but make sure I am opening a number of pots and working on my re-steals and the best situations to make them. With my cash game experience so far, I am feeling much more confident about playing post flop, although a lot of these donkament players are clueless and you see some facking weird lines taken. I often feel I can take flops in position and outplay them and this is something that is really adding to my chipstacks and helping me run deeper.

I managed a final table in a $5 MTT on full tilt. Think there were 600 ish players and I ended up busting an unlucky 9th. I also went deep in the 33k GTD, finishing 42nd of 2k+ players and deep in another on Stars, where i made the final 100 in another ridiculously huge stars field.

The only problem with this is, that getting deep is ok, but the prize pools are so flat that all your work is rewarded with hardly fuckall. i.e.  9th in the $5 MTT was $57. lol. The prize fund was over $3k. This is like not even 2% for finishing in the top 9, which seems fucking ridic. This is obviously a good thing for the sites. they want tournies paying as many places as possible, so that people don't lose their money as quick, but it makes it a real ball-ache when you do well, spend a lot of hours grinding and get such a small reward.

Meh, whatever, i will bink one soon!!

On a side note, Party Poker is shit. I have decided.

I also played a few SnG's, I did rubbish in the $6.50 45's, but did ok on my old stomping ground of the $16 18's. They are definately tougher than they used to be though.

Oh well, this is my back-to-back weekend at work, wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon, Tues nights, all 12 hr + shifts. It's gonna be a grueller. Means no more poker until next Wednesday, when hopefully I can make a proper return to the cash tables and tear up those god-damned fish!!!



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  1. Far better to not play than to play and tilt off hard earned cash.WP on that front!