Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hell'uva night

I played a looooooong session on PL last night. I wasn't intending for it to be so long, but I don't think since I have played I have ever seen the tables that juicy. I mean you could sit at a table with a minimum of 3 fish if you table selected ok.

Throughout the session I played between 3-7 tables and it was insanity. I started off running really bad, but to be fair I wasn't playing great either, I wasn't losing big pots through bad play, just a number of small ones. The hands some of these guys were showing down was just incredible, I mean they weren't folding pre flop for no bet size, it was pretty great to be playing in a situation like that.

If I had run a little better it would have been a mammoth winning session, but as it stood I started off going down around $230, which was excruciating because my play definately didn't warrant that, but by the end I managed to get back to about just minus $10.

Me and Jon were on skype and just couldn;t believe how good the tables were. As usual that lucky bastard ran like god in all his big pots, smashign straights, flushes, sets for fun, I was just preying my luck would turn and I could run that good! (actually he was really unlucky in a huge pot with set over set)

Here is my graph for last night:

Thats what I meant about one step forward one step back, or vice versa in this case. All month has been like this, getting nowhere fast, it's been a real hard grind.

I am just going to stick at it though, I am here for the long haul and one breakeven month is not gonna be enough to crush my spirit just yet! :-)



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  1. Nice comeback Mik, sometimes i feel them sessions are more rewarding than a decent winning session, shows you have faith in your game and the temperament to battle on and not go tilt crazy!