Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Deja Vu

New month and the downswong has begun!

It's sort of weird how I know it's here and it's coming, but all of a sudden none of my draws get there, my big pairs either run into sets or overcards on the flop and I meet resistance. All standard stuff, but it signifies the monthly downswong has begun!

It started when i was chatting to Snake the other night, a few bad calls didn;t help, but I guess the frustration got to me a little. The bad players in the hands with the weirdest cards, but always seeming to have just a bit better than me!

To be sure, i didn;t feel like playing a long multi-table sesh last night so, I just fired up one single juicy table and 110 hands later I am down over 2 buy-ins. All stuff that tbh I could'nt do much about. Hand one for about 120 BB's what where I turned a flush vs a set and we got it in only for the board to pair on the river. meh. Hand two I have AJ and I get it all in vs a monkey on a AA5 board. He flips A9 and ofc a 9 hits the turn. Sigh.  (btw the hand 2 hand was vs Hakkemail, remember him snake!!)

So, pissed off and knowing that there would not be much I can do I just closed the table down and called it a night. I won;t be able to play again now unil saturday anyway, so the break will do me good.

As it stands, despite starting off well, I am now down $35 for the month. Plenty of time to grind through it and I have been there before, only this time I have hopefully minimised my losses a bit better. Here is to hoping it doesn;t last too long!

I also had about $50on Absolute, so rather than fack about withdrawing it  I played a $40 6-max SnG. I ended up finishing 2nd, so I played a $50 one and got heads up in that. The HU was a good battle actually because we were still fairly deep, but how about this for the closing hand...

He opens button, I have AJs and figure I am going to see a flop as before this we were both 3-betting and being quite aggro pre, so this would disguise the strength of my hand.

Flop comes TAA.. weeeeeeeeee

I check, he leads out and I raise, he thinks then shoves. :o) Fastest mouse click call ever by me here?? lol

He only flips TT!! hahahahah FML

board doesnt bring me a J or A on turn and river and i get another 2nd. How about that for an action flop?

Quite enjoyed it actually and considering these are $50 SnG's the standard wasn;t much cop. Most of these guys were playing loads of pots early doors, basically playing a SnG like they play an MTT. I just bided my time and when i did move into push/fold mode my image was so tight that they were insta passing to my

Anyways back to work tonight :o(

Hope you are all on a nice juicy upswing.



  1. Fukin 10 10 u

    Sick, but it makes us stronger.

    You will back in the black in no time m8.

    Best of Luck.


  2. Hakkemail, lol, he is so bad, infact, I'm gonna bum hunt the fooker now!!

  3. Sounds rough but don't be too quick to label it a downswong and be put off your game.Good luck getting back on the horse at the weekend.( try for some inspirational music!)