Friday, 19 February 2010

Can't beat a tryer!

The 40 Billionth hand was dealt today on Pokerstars and I just happened to be around about 2 million hands before, so I thought fack it, I might as well go for it. So, I fired up 21 tables on NL25 full ring and away I went. Of course I missed the bloody thing, but at least I tried! I did actually watch the big hand go down and took a screen shot of the big hand:

There were TWO of the six guys who folded, so instead of getting between $12k-$15k (winner got $24k) they actually only got $1500. Sickness!! Their own fault for not taking the time to understand the basic rules of the promo IMO.

My own poker went to shit after my last brag post. I win about $300 that session and dropped about $225 of it back the following night, in about 1400 hands, with a succession of bad luck and coolers. I was still fairly happy with my play so I am not too worried.

Tonights session was about 800 hands for a measly $13 profit, but at least it wasn;t a loss. Fuck me were there some aggro tards at the tables tonight. The three betting was getting a bit out of hand IMO, almost everytime someone raised on some tables and me being me I got sucked in and started three betting the crap outta It cost me once when  stacked off with JJ vs a nit who obv had AA. Made for an interesting game though.

Away from cash I have been testing out a new peice of kit. I can now use my Xbox controller and Stars Hotkeys AHK to play Poker!! weeee. It's quality and took a bit of figuring out to setup, but now it's working it really is excellent. Much easier than a mouse or the old hotkeys. I have just been playing some volume in the $6.50 18 manners and done pretty well. I did have one moment where it spazzed out and shoved me all in on two tables. One table i had AK and they all folded other table I had J3o and got two callers.. ahhaha. I had to quickly pull the battery and revert back to mouse until i had it re-sync'd.
Obv the buttons take a bot of getting used to and I did fold a couple of times when i wanted to raise and also called a few times when I wanted to fold, but as the sessions have gone on it's gotten more automatic.

Right oh, off now, gonna watch a film i think.



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  1. Thanks for catchin that, I OTH, don't have time to be online all the time.