Sunday, 7 February 2010

Is it ever gonna end...

Thats 5 losing sessions in a row. I just can;t do anything right and it's unbelieveably frustrating. I was stacked by one absolute fucking donkey tonight, twice. Both times I had an overpair JJ, once he had called the raise with 64 and the flop was 235 and antoehr was a low flop where he flopped a set. He was calling down with all kinds of hands,so i was gutted to see both times when i had a hand against him he had the the nuts or as close as. FML. It;s all the usual bullshit and I just hope it comes to an end soon.

So it's time to look to the poker gods...

Please just make that RNG leave me the hell alone!!!!

Now down $236.87 for the month after starting like a rocket and being up like $400.  I think snake hs all my run good.

remember if you were here, a quick smile at the poker go could change your fortunes at the felt!!! (alternatively it could do sweet fuckall)lol.

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