Thursday, 4 February 2010

he runs good and don't do advice!

If only.........I could run as good as Snake_eyes!! I was working last night and getting regular updates from him as he played and he was absolutely destroying the NL50 players on PL. Every so often I'd get a text... stacked another!! lololol. Worst thing, he was at work too!! hahahaha jammy bastard. If only one of these motherfuckers hadn;t grassed me up.... sigh.

Good luck to snake, the way he is going it could be a huge month for him.

On another note I was browsing around the forums on Wednesday, when I spotted a post from Joppa Road, explaining he was at the final table of a small MTT on Ladbrokes. I posted that I would come a rail for a short while. He posted back asking me to add him on MSN, so I did no worries.

I sort of didn;t realise he was after advice at first, he started talking about some hands so I gave some opinions and then he was talking about some of the hands he was dealt, blah blah. Anyways bascially I encouraged him to play a hand that ultimately got him busted out of the tourney in 5th (It was perfectly standard the way it played out, you can read it here), but I felt pretty damned bad because he said as a rule he would have limped or folded that hand, now IMO that obviously wasn;t the way to play it, I mean the blinds were too big and it was 5-handed, limping in LP should be the last thing you do, but the point was if I hadn't been chatting to him about it, he would have still been in and in with a shout of winning.

I took my time to try and fully explain all the logic and thought behind this and other aspects of late MTT games, as well as providing him with a few MTT training vids that I thought would help him. I guess in a way to ease my own concience.

I learnt a valuable lesson from this tbh. From now on I won't be giving advice to others when they are playing, except snake as we have a pretty good understanding. The reason is I don;t want to feel responsible if it goes tits up.  I know I was only trying to help him out, but ultimately I might have cost him money and thats not right. Although he would probably never have said it, I sort of felt he held me accountable too, understandably.  The worst thing... the money was very important to him at that point. I was gutted tbh.

I will certainly be more cautious about this in future, of course I am happy to help anyone out, but I think my ghosting days are done. If I lose my own money I don;t give a flying fuck, but when someone else loses theirs through you it's a really shitty feeling.

If you are reading this, sorry Joppa.



  1. DOn't feel bad mik. Your were trying to help him win the tournament. If the money is that important then isn't the best thing to advise to sit out to try and finish 3 or 4th?! Your advice was trying to help him to win the tourney.

  2. what a fucking degenerate would be .... and as for joppa !!


    fucking anon comments, meh