Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Good news for online pokes?

Well it looks like Isildur is back on the scene, meaning tons of high stakes action going on because this guy will play absolutely anyone. Obviously it's good for the online players to watch and rail, but from an outsiders perspective it probably looks like gambling on poker has gotten out of control, especially with $1million + swings.

I have a feeling things like this probably won't help the case for repealing the UIGEA, that said it is incredible to see that Isildur has made over $1.1 million in just about 2 days after crushing Zeejustin and Durr.

Thanks for the comments on the last post, will address them here:

Bruce - I'd love to have the roll to buy into them all directly, but I simply can't take the hit, but you are right this week there was a few silver and goldstars at the FT. One day I'll get a good shot, but until then I'll just play the odd satellite and take the odd shot.

Razboy - Yeah it is a good show to watch, but it definately misses the crazy fish Sammy Farha!

Pud -  hahaha. I know Hellmuth can be a prick, but you can;t doubt the fact he is entertaining. He always gets crushed at those games, but this time he was just coolered. As for the leaderboards, yeah I know moorman and badpab are pretty good, but I was talking more in the terms of the Major Sunday events, apart from those guys we don;t seem to have many amatuer type players getting to those final tables, maybe because they all work Monday morning!!!

Rubbish - It prunes comments after a certain length of time. :-)

Trying to arganise a new challenge on the forum. It's basically a simple SnG challenge. You have one week to play 15 $6.50 45 player SnG;s, whenever you like, but you record your results. It's $10 to enter and your points are scored by the money you win plus 6.5 points for each final table.

NoCash fluked it last time, but it was good fun. If you are interested, join us and get your name down. It's most likely going to start this weekend.

Been reading that Failblog and some other FAIL images on the net and some of them are awesome:



  1. Fluke my ring piece. bring it on. I shall crush.

  2. HaHa, hope there's no datamining with isildur this time (but haven't logged onto the tilt software for awhile, just to occasionally check my account).