Monday, 15 February 2010

Watching the Sunday majors

Last night I woke up at a daft time of like 3am, so I tried a bit of cash and did ok, finished $130 up despite three barrelling at what I thought was a decent reg who either read my soul or just could not fold his second pair of 9's in a 3-bet pot on a ten high board and me potting all three streets. meh. Game selection was a bit thin, but there were still some terribad donks to be rinsed.

When I finished up the session I started watching all the big MTT's on Stars and Tilt. The Sunday Million final table was virtually unknowns, most of them from the $5-$20 range game players, must be an awesome feeling to get that deep in the SM. That amount of dosh must be incredible after their biggest win was $500!

Also watched the Sunday 500 and that was a different animal. The level of meta game going on was unreal. 4 bet shoving over 3-bettors with A9 and getting the call off 44 etc etc. I mean I'd be folding AQ and lower and TT and lower to that kind of action. I guess these guys know each other, but it's definately one giant levelling fest!

One time I am gonna have to spend a saturday qualifying for them all and then taking a shot at most of them. One deep run in them and your set!

I noticed a few of the big names were very deep around the place, but none of them took anything down from what I saw. I also don;t see many Brits taking anything down, which is a shame, although that Gregior bloke from Manchester went very deep in a few. Would be nice to see more Brits crushing these things IMO.

I also watched a film at the same time, The Invention Of Lying and although my expectations were low, it was quite a good film. I was quietly impressed. The concept of it was clever enough, some pretty glaring mistakes, but Ricky Gervais was actually very good. Worth a watch IMO.

I had an hour spare this afteroon, so I watched the latest High Stakes Poker (season 6) **SPOILER DON'T READ IF YOU ARE GOING TO WATCH****and fuk me does Phil Ivey run goot!! He was flopping sets for fun and turning two pairs etc etc. Basically getting smacked in the face with the deck. I also think it was hard work for Gabe Kaplan on his onw, it was much better when him and the other guy were bouncing comments back and forth, even if the other fella did know sweet FA about poker!

I actually felt sorry for Hellmuth. it was pretty sick to finally make a play at Ivey and Ivey having the goods and also with the second nuts vs Esfandiari. Rough IMO, although I do think the rest of the table see him as the fish. Poor bastard.

Two more nights at work then 4 days off and hopefully back to the cash game grind with maybe an MTT night thrown in the mix.

Good Luck at the felt



  1. When Ivey runs good, he's like a chip magnet.
    I also felt sorry for Hellmuth.
    HSP is definitely the best poker show on TV.

  2. Fuk it Mick buy into the Majors one Sunday, from what I have seen you have the game to get a deep run going in them. All you need is that ONE TIME!!

    I almost did it this Sunday but shat myself last minute, watched the final table from the 2 mill special, silverstars coming 3rd and 2nd for huge paydays, they both kept typing in cant believe we are here. Lucky fukkas!!

    Good luck mate

  3. Never feel sorry for Hellmuth, he's an egotistical twat! IMO :o)

    Brits are still killing MTTs mate, look up the guys on the P5's leaderboard and there's a few in the top 100. Maybe not the majors but the "normal" MTTs

  4. How the fuck has Snake caught up in the commenting stakes? As for Hellmuth, good enough.

  5. They had the two, Ivey and Hellmuth, in cash games for Poker After Dark Also (will have to check out the new season of High Stakes). Ivey does the same thing (but he loses quite a bit on the props). Hellmuth plays like a tourney player, not like a cash game player.