Thursday, 28 January 2010


Once again work has thrown poker out of the window for 3 days. I can't get up, grind and then go to work, as much as I love poker, my son and wife are more improtant, so I get up spend a little time with them before heading back off to work. For three solid days it's sleep and work, which is a bitch, especially when you are playing the best poker you have for a long while, but you can;t get to the tables!!! FML.

I am still going well at the NL50 on Microgaming, with the roll on there just topping out over $2.7k. I decided that no matter how safe the poker skin is, I don;t need that much in one place for NL50, I am quite happy with 20 buy-ins on the site and to deposit more if need be. So, I decided to withdraw $1.7k back to Neteller for now.

I am not fully ready to jump to NL100 and I have an good database and read on the regs, so it's suits me to stay where I am right now. I prolly will make the jump at some point if I keep consistently beating these games.

My fellow player, SnakeEyes, seems to be going through a rough patch confidence-wise, right now and I have been there many times, so gonna rail him Saturday night just to confirm to him that he isn;t making any mistakes. Sometimes, just hearing that is what you need. I have seen snake play enough to know he is good, he is definately a better cash  player and hand reader than me and once that confidence returns he is gonna crush the games.

I often hit him up on skype and we discuss hands, regs, fish, bad-beats, copncepts etc. It's not only a good laugh, but it helps my game no end, re-enforcing things in my mind and helping me talk through situations to make sure it's not just me who would make that play/mistake or w/e.

I highly reccomend anyone who is playing the same type of game as a friend or aquaintance to talk to them, discuss strategy and stuff because it really works to develop you as  a player.

On another note I have just been reading the blogs through google reader and noticed one of the guys, badcallthat, has quit the shitty rat race to have a few months trying to make it as a poker player. He is getting coaching from MI_Turtle and seems really dedicated. Just wanted to wish him all the best and watch with anticipation, as it's obviously a dream of many of us poker players. Good Luck mate.

Considering another MTT night on Sunday, but might give stars a miss and start attacking some small sites to see if I can pick off a smaller field event. We'll see I guess.

Ok good luck at the tables and thanks for reading.



  1. I wish badcallthat good luck too. You are right letz aim to smaller sites to catch up some smaller events :)

  2. cheers mik an angelina means alot!! hopin to really get goin in feb/mar, runnin sick atm tho but it happens! hit me on skype guys garry-dobson


  3. Mik, thanks for the kind words. I have got to accept I am just going through a huge downswong atm. Positive thinking ftw!! Moved roll over to PL and going to grind like mad!!

    Looking forward to sweat seshion tonight!!